About us

Our company

KropHouse is a creative web agency operating globally, rapidly evolving

Our services empress particular attention to digital communication, marketing and branding. We offer bespoke solutions for different industries globally, some of the industries served are for example: financial sector, medical industry, manufacturing & retail.

Organisational model

Flexibility and high skills

Our organizational model is strongly focused on data security, innovative and reliable server infrastructure, for these reasons our data centers are located in Geneva, Switzerland. We offer our customers to take advantage of the economic, political and legislative stability of this country to ensure maximum security for the future of their company.

We achieve results on a global scale

Whether your goal it's local marketing or international expansion and consolidation. We develop the bespoke communication strategy on each specific goal defined by the customer.
Among the markets we have already served: European Union, United States of America, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia and Australia.

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