• Consulting

    As business managers we have an infinite variety of paths to take, with every decision we apply our knowledge, experience and vision to determine the optimal choice.

    KropHouse's specialists are ready to work toghether, we offer professional evaluation of the opportunities, professional consultancy services in fields like Digital Communication Strategy and Business Growth.

  • Websites

    The first step for the right presentation on the internet is to have a proprietary portal on which you can integrate, modify and present what your company has to offer. KropHouse deal with the development of dynamic structures with a high communicative value. Find out the product you need buy it directly.

  • Advertising

    KropHouse deals with advertising mainly on online channels such as Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines. Discover available services, request a dedicated consultation or directly choose the solutions you need.

  • Prints

    You can find everything you need for your office at KropHouse: Business Cards, Stamps, Envelopes, Pens and all the equipment for a professional and personalized look

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